Video Gallery


Below is Brian's Demo Reel, various film and television work, and photo gallery. 

Theatrical Reel

Compilation of various tv and film roles. From the bank manager with Christina Applegate, a child sex trafficking buyer with Garcelle Beauvais, and the end of November, I encounter a lost Seth Rogen on the road as a Slavic Yiddish speaking peasant!  

The Devan Case(lawyer) ((

Conversation with my newest hire questioning the ethics of our firm! 



33 Minutes to Live

A Website series about what happens to the lives of these people who receive news that they are under nuclear attack.  I play Hussan, a professor at the University and am inked with a producer credit assisting in the making of this on a handful of details. (location, food, etc...)

Lalo's House

I play opposite Garcelle Beauvais, as Mr. Stone, a child sex trafficker business man.  This is based on true events and produced by Jamie Foxx.  Beautifully made and acted, it is getting a huge response winning many film festival awards, speaking engagements on this very important problem of sex slavery world wide, and already has helped to advocate for legislative changes.

King Fusa-Fusa Sizzle Reel 

King Fusa Fusa (Foosa-Foosa) the Arabian Professional Wrestler is now here in the USA and means serious business on the WWT (Wrestle With This) wrestling federation!! 


A film about an up and coming boxer and the unexpected struggles he faces at the best fighting time of his life.  I play Byron the famous boxing sportswriter to assess his skills for a story.

Grand Theft Parsons

I am the bank manager opposite Christina Applegate in this story based on the singer Graham Parsons.  She and I are discussing the bank account of her boyfriend's while I explain to her the bank's policy.  Johnny Knoxville plays  the road manager and Robert Forster is playing Graham's father in this dramedy. 


Come see Brian's Next Screening!


Filming with Seth Rogen in a scene December 2018!  Will keep you posted as soon as show times and screenings become available.  

Lalo's House


Brian plays Mr. Stone, the child sex trafficker in this talked about Award-Winning film.  He plays opposite Garcelle Beauvais and is produced by Jamie Foxx.