UPDATE: Brian Nahas scene 

with Seth Rogen - "PICKLED" Dec. 2018! 


Should be alot of fun to see when a lost Seth Rogen is on a lonely road where he encounters Brian,

as a Slavic Yiddish speaking peasant hoping to get answers! These two funny men were united

first week of December 2018 in this Sony feature film.  Stay tuned for 2019 screening times!  

Brian Nahas

Brian Nahas is an experienced, trained actor for film, television, theater and voice over artist.

Feature films as well as films for tv movies compose a large body of Brian's work.  From working opposite Christina Applegate in "Grand Theft Parsons" (Bank Manager), Garcelle Beauvais in Lalo's House (Child sex trafficker), to crossing paths on an old dirt road with Seth Rogen 12/2018 (A Slavic Yiddish speaking peasant), Brian is your go to character for any role.   A desire to leave no stone unturned, he brings specificity and intention to each character he takes on with great detail. An uncanny ability and versatility to do accents/dialects,  an ear for doing almost any impression, he will bring a truth, life, and interesting role to your production. 

Brian has been involved in a variety of television shows.  Whether it was the lead on the children's show Jay Jay the Jet Plane, General Hospital, Port Charles, or The Sleeper Cell, his innate ability can fill "any man" type roles. Teacher, detective, salesman, restaurant owner, psychologist, lawyer or dad, Brian has and will portray them interestingly and truth in the character. 

Brian has performed in a variety of theatre productions under the 99-seat contracts. He is also an AEA professional theatre union member and will be looking to act in more "live theatre" as he enjoys the process of building the character in rehearsals to the joy of being on stage before opening night.  Nothing is more      exhilerating than bringing a character to life for a live audience looking for an experience.  Making this magic is exciting because stage acting is truly being "in the moment" be on your feet with others on stage where you only have "one take"!  

Brian worked with a variety of top American  and international celebs recently on "The NIV Bible Experience", where he was contracted not for one but THREE different voices for this audio mega project.  Brian is a versatile voice over actor whose naturally rich, comforting baritone voice for a trusting narrator copy, to great emotional voice acting for animation or more charactery type reads.  He has an uncanny talent ability for any accent/dialect needed, as well as impersonations. 

Brian has rare natural teaching abilities who  understands pedagogy via pertinent quesions and proactive listening.  Through his process, he has successfully been called to assist actors at various levels and ages.  Whether it is to teach the acting craft one on one to a novice exploring acting, consulting on a scene or monologue for a teen's audition for an agent,  breaking down a college student's monologue for entrance to a performing arts school,  or working with  professional actors' tv or film scenes for an audition,  Brian will assist you with any need.  Brian is sure to give you, the actor,  a new fresh perspective, breath and life with choices that tittilate to another level,  yet are true and grounded as they will come from your own creativity and truth. Brian will empower you, giving you great confidence with simplicity of tools and technique needed  for your specific goal!    

Brian is a talented, versatile, ethnically ambiguous, every man type character actor roles.   

Brian is the solution to any male character roles that you are looking for your production.  Just check out the samples in his video section. Italian, Southern, Arabic, detective, judge, restaurant manager, there is no role where he can't bring alive with grounded, strong & truthful choices! 

Character Acting

"The joy for me is always to dig deeper, ask the next question, to leave no stone unturned.  Observing the human psychology that is turned to behavior and  applying my creativity & imagination to each role I have the pleasure to expore!"

The Pharisee in The Passion Play 


Off Broadway musical performance to over 8,000 people of the events of the Passion  of Jesus Christ! I've played the lead Pharisee for a number of years. 

Lalo's House with Garcelle Beavais


One of the many award winning festivals Lalo's House continues to win, bring awareness and create change in legislature on child sex trafficking!



Sammy Scary

(as a Ghoulish Host)


An off beat late night fright ghoul host I played in a movie filmed in Indiana. I was a former loveable Hollywood actor loser who moved back home and found my happiness was with my old buddies and a local celebrity that has a  few groupie type fans.

Lalo's House 



Brian on set as Mr. Stone, the sex trafficking buyer, discussing the scene with Garcelle Beauvais and director Kelley Kali. 


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I look forward to collaborating with you on your project. Let's bring your vision to life together!!

Burmese Refugee

From the movie Burmese Refugee, I play the owner of the restaurant confronting my newest employee, a "Burmese Refugee." 

One Chance
Grand Theft Parsons



For the full list, feel free to click the IMDB link below to access more information.



For the full list, feel free to click the IMDB link below to access more information.