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Brian Nahas

Actor for Film, Television, Theatre and Voice Over

Brian has been acting professionally since 1992 and a member of SAG-AFTRA & AEA.  He holds this highest esteem of training to the legendary director/coach, Milton Kastelas while studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse for 12 years.  Training and learning never stops but it was at the Beverly Hills Playhouse where the craft, process, and true understanding of the art and technique in acting blossomed.  A deeper journey of self discovery and talent began to mushroom.  From these years of intense training and work, a character actor would be born. 

Are you seeking a professional character actor for your production? 


Brian is an incredibly versatile, talented, actor working in film, tv, and theatre

Experience at Every Level


Brian has truly climbed the ladder, from a plethora of teachers, acting workshops, styles & techniques. All of these combined with his work experience, he has learned and earned his way to higher levels as an artist-actor. Because of such an insatiable appetite for observing the psychology of human life and the actor tools he has acquired, Brian will leave no stone unturned in finding specific details in creating a richly developed character.  No matter the medium, television, film, stage or voice over work, he will add to your production.  His "give" to others reflects his positive mental attiude and confidence from work experience and traning, adds to the pleasurable work experience for others inevitably brings out the best in everyone's work as well.  His work in his professional life and always in his classes and in movies cleary represent an open, free, and powerful ability to "live in the moment" that makes Brian improvisationally strong, creative, flexible, that results in dynamic moments of work.  With 25 years of continued training, work experience as an actor/prodcuer,  and passion for the craft,  Brian brings a potent work ethic, aliveness, courage, openess, believability, fun, and entertaining aspect to his character work.  These qualities are equally applied as an acting coach for others.   

Film Actor

From working opposite Christina Applegate, Garcelle Beauvais, and December 2018 the Sony film PICKLED with Seth Rogen, Brian is the go to character actor. Feature films as well as made for tv movies, his work in films currenly makes up the largest body of his work. He hopes to use his natural comedic tratis anchoring his own sitcom one day. "The world more than ever now needs to laugh and laugh at themselves."  

Television Actor


Brian has been involved in a variety of tv shows.  Whether it was a lead on the children's show Jay Jay the Jet Plane, General Hospital, Port Charles, or the Sleeper Cell, his innate ability can fill "any man" type roles. Teacher, Detective, Restaurant ower, Psycologist, Lawyer or Dad, Brian has portrayed with great truth putting his own stamp on each and every role.  He is naturally witty, bringinging 

Voice Actor


Brian's ability with accents and dialects, his wide range of character an flexibility in his voice, allows him to do a variety of voice over work. He worked with a star studded cast on the NIV living Bible CD Rom and was asked to do 3 voices for this come to life full Bible production. 

Theater Actor


The purest form of acting, Brian loves the stage where it is "one take" live, in the moment night after night where "anything can happen."  The stage is the place to rehearse nightly layering and discovering the life as that character and living it out fully in front of an audience.  Comedy or drama, Brian brings a "life force" to a production, a joy to rehearse and to share the stage night after night. 




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Brian has been acting professionally in film & television for over 25 years. 

A member of SAG-AFTRA since 1992, and is a member of AEA.

Brian Nahas: 5'7" 180 lbs